No3 ePod Menthol

Do you like Tobacco, Menthol or Fruit flavors in your pods/ e-juice/ refills? Have you experienced Nicotine Salt? Do you like to explore the similar sensation of smoking without the danger of tobacco?

Are you looking for different nicotine strengths? Do you want pure and natural flavors?  Are you looking for an effective e-cigarette, which offers ease of use and satisfaction?

Do you like pod systems that make your vaping experience easy and secure?

Try out our Nordic Light No3 ePods.


The smart alternative to tobacco. 

Includes 3 Nordic Light ePods.

With Nicotine: 20mg Nicotine and Nicotine Salt, providing that natural and swift nicotine delivery with a clean and natural tobacco flavor. 

Without Nicotine: 0mg Nicotine, providing that natural and swift vape delivery with a clean and natural tobacco flavor, without Nicotine.

You can choose between different nicotine strengths to satisfy your needs. 

More Details

Nordic Light balances the carefully selected ingredients of glycerol, propylene glycol, extracts, nicotine, flavors and more, providing the clean and tasty flavors Nordic Light is recognized for. 

The eJuice in the ePod is a 50/50 balance of PG and VG. Together with the Nordic Light flavors, and a 0.5 Ohm resistance coil, this ensures a rich and tasty vape. Each ePod contains 0,9 ml eJuice with different Nicotine strength.

Our ePods includes Nordic Light ADT (Anti Drip Technology), and are carefully sealed with silicone caps before they are packed separately in blister packs, to secure the freshness of the eJuice.

We are continuously working to find greener alternatives to secure that you get the absolute best quality of our products. Bare with us, we are doing our best to satisfy you. If you have ideas on how we can become an even greener company, please let us know.

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